Bon Ami- my new "Good Friend"

In French, Bon Ami means "Good Friend" and boy has this powder cleaner become just that to me.  I initially purchased it because it's free of toxic ingredients.  The packaging boasts "hypoallergneic", "no chlorine, perfume or dye".  With 5 simple ingredients (Limestone, Feldspar, Surfactant, Soda Ash, and Baking Soda), this is one of the most natural cleaners I could find without having to make it myself.  It was also made in 1886 before cleaning turned chemical.  

Initially, I liked it because it didn't leave a toxic smell in my house however, I fell in love with it when my daughter's wet project left a red stain on my (quartz) counter that wouldn't go away with anything and everything I tried.  I was seriously stressed!  What kind of paper & paints are they using in school anyway!?  Finally I broke out my new, unopened Bon Ami out of desperation (I didn't think it would work being that it didn't contain any harsh chemicals) and in less than 3 seconds, with some mild scrubbing, the stain was gone. 

Bon Ami can be used on counters, cookware and in the bathroom.  It should not be used on glass and mirror.  It doesn't scratch and the hundreds of reviews on Amazon will confirm that.  The most inexpensive way to purchase is on Amazon however you have to order 6 for Prime Shipping (comes to $1.02 per bottle).  If you are a minimalist like me and 5 extra items in your house will give you clutter anxiety, you can pay a little more at Target (free shipping with the Target Red Card).  Either way, I promise, you've made a really "Good Friend".  

bon ami.jpeg