Dee-Toxing with Cancer Fighting Foods

I’m no doctor and I’m not a nutritionist but after a diagnosis of Breast Cancer, I felt compelled to change my diet.  I didn’t replace traditional treatment, however I did compliment it.  Not only do I feel like I am being proactive with my disease, but I also know that I am erasing some of the toxicity my body endured during chemotherapy.  Bonus- I’m getting a lot of compliments on my skin!

I buy the organic version of most foods as I believe that the pesticides and hormones are counter intuitive to my plan.

Before I give you the list that I personally incorporated (besides turmeric as I can't stomach it and it shouldn't be taken with certain meds) into my daily regimen, it’s important to understand the following: 

Our bodies produce something called free radicals which may be formed naturally or as a result of our environment (example- smoke, pollution, stress, inflammation). If free radicals are left unchallenged, they can have damaging effects like disease and other health issues. Our bodies also produce antioxidants to counter the damaging effects of free radicals; however sometimes it’s not enough. Therefore it’s important to get antioxidants in your daily diet so they can fight the battle that goes on inside of you every day.  Antioxidants can also help in the aging process which we ALL can benefit from!

Here are the foods I incorporate in my day, how I do it, and why I believe they are helping in my fight: 

Cancer fighting foods.jpg