Are you Dee-hydrated?

Do you drink enough water? 
Water is one of the best medicines we can ask for but yet most of us don't drink enough of it.  In order to function properly our body needs water; however we lose a lot of it on a daily basis in the form of sweat, urine & saliva.   

Why is water so important:

  1. Improves energy- Our muscles are mainly made up of water so it's no surprise that we need plenty of it to stay energized.  When muscle cells don't have adequate fluid, they don’t work as well.  So if you are feeling lethargic or need more energy, hydration can be your answer.
  2. Promotes weight loss- Although hard to believe, more is less in this case.  Substituting higher calorie drinks for water is one reason.  The other is because water is filling so a few extra glasses per day can result in eating a few hundred less calories per day.  And water has no calories! You do the math….
  3. Improves skin (my favorite)-  While there’s no medical evidence that water improves skin, many people have reported a glow in their skin when drinking more of it.  Julius Few, M.D., director of The Few Institute and clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of Chicago says, “When skin is hydrated, plump, and elastic, it’s less likely to crack and let in external particles that can cause irritations and blemishes.”  Dermatologist Kenneth Ellner, MD says  “Don't expect over-hydration to  erase wrinkles or fine lines but it Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled. 
  4. Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function-   When you don't drink enough water,  the colon pulls water from stool and this causes constipation.  
  5. May Cure Headaches- Can help cure headaches- According to medical news today, When the body is dehydrated, the brain can temporarily contract or shrink from fluid loss. This mechanism causes the brain to pull away from the skull, causing pain and resulting in a dehydration headache.  Ever have a hangover after drinking?  Next time try drinking a glass of water after every drink and you’ll feel fine in the morning. 
  6. Boosts Immune System- Water helps to circulate oxygen to cells so it’s vital for properly functioning systems. It also aids in removing waste, toxins and chemicals from the body, so drinking more of it could help prevent unwanted build up that is potentially hurting your immune system.

Eight 8 oz glasses is the guideline to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Although this is all pretty clear (no pun intended), the hard part is how to do it...

Here are my tips:

  1. Drink a glass of water with every meal and snack
  2. Keep a covered glass of water on your nightstand and drink it as soon as you wake up each morning.
  3. If you find water boring, add fruits like strawberries, lime or lemon to flavor it up.
  4. My favorite! - use a timed water bottle (pic below).  I purchased mine from Amazon and it keeps me honest (and hydrated) every day!  Bonus- it's BPA free.  

,Friends, it's about 'TIME' we all get more hydrated!


me water.png