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Welcome to my story

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer at the young age of 39. I was a workaholic in the banking industry for 18 years but after a scary diagnosis, aggressive treatment and a big wake up call, I decided to change my mission in life and become an advocate and fundraiser for the Metastatic Breast Cancer community.

Post treatment, I knew I needed to live a healthier, less toxic lifestyle, but was confused by all the overwhelming options and contradicting information out there. As a result, I decided to create the solution (in a one-stop site)!

I’ll share with you different options that can be used in the kitchen, beauty world and in everyday life products in a simple, ‘easy to understand’ way. I’ll test the products by trying them, listening & reviewing consumer feedback and most importantly, doing my best to understand the ingredients.

I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but I am a patient with a passion! My blog is a work in progress so I encourage your thoughts, ideas and feedback as I develop it!
— Dee Lakhani Shravah

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